Friday, July 4, 2008

What's with FLEX anyway??

It may sound cliche, but then I do have to start somewhere and I guess and what's better than starting at the start..... [:D]

So, what's with flex anywayz...

We perspired with ASPirations, We SWINGed and finally we are ready to FLEX our muscles.

With Web users expecting richer and more complex interfaces, Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) are seeing a huge increase in popularity. Adobe Flex is the tool of choice for many web developers when it comes to building RIAs.

And so we FLEXed.....
It's been around 10 months, since I actually came to know about FLEX and started using it. And life's been one hell of a journey since then. FLEX has given me this amazing ability to try and be creative without putting a lot of effort. It's nice knowing that you can do stuff that you previously saw and amazed and that too so easily.

I look forward to continue this journey and look to share a few thoughts here , in the future course that can help open a few locks to the amazing world of RIAs.

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