Sunday, November 1, 2009

Securing the Amazon Server

Security attacks on Amazon Server (S3) are common occurence. While studying the nature of the attacks that were sent we found that one of the major gateways was the phpMyAdmin (an open source database access tool).
It seems that the tool is vulnerable to attack and can prove an easy entry into the system. Removing it was the first step to securing. The next step was to restrict entry into the system for which we added the .htaccess file in the system with the allowed ips configured. But as with web based applications this was not a neat solution first it can cause a hindrance if not properly configured. Also since access cannot be completely restricted, getting in using proxy servers cannot be ruled out.
The next step hence was a proper firewall into the system. A nice tool that helps one build a firewall security into the system is the FWBuilder. One can configure the allowed traffic in and out of the system in a couple of easy steps easy to understand options. Once done the rule set is saved in the local system and can be applied to the server. Smart, easy and secure.

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