Friday, March 11, 2011

Perforce: Can't clobber writable file

Recently after my induction into the new organization, I have started using Perforce as a version control tool.
Very soon I came up with an error :)
"Can't clobber writable file ......"

A little inspection revealed, that the said files were not in the "Read Only" mode in the perforce folder. (don't ask me why). All said and done, I just changed the property and lo and behold, sync was finished in a jiffy.

Other cases may include that we might have done some changes in the file either accidently or intentionally and forgotten to check out the file. In such cases, I'd suggest to do a diff of the said file in perforce. If the local change is useful and required, it would be better to check out the file and do a resolve else you can just force the latest revision (this would however replace our file altogether with the latest revision ).