Friday, August 26, 2011

Free Export Button

Something I tried....
ExportButton provides you the ability to

1. Export to PDF
2. Export to JPG
3. Export to PNG
4. Send for print
5. Do a fullscreen


exportType - This is the type of export. Choose from ExportUtilButton.TYPE_PDF, ExportUtilButton.TYPE_JPG, ExportUtilButton.TYPE_PNG, ExportUtilButton.TYPE_PRINT, ExportUtilButton.TYPE_FULLSCREEN

fileName - The name of the file to be saved. The extensions will be added by the program.

childComponent - The UIComponent to be exported.

onCancel - Function to be called on cancellation of file download

onComplete - Function to be called on completion of the file download.

icon - The icon that you want to be set on the button.

Sample Application Usage here
I'll soon try and put proper sample in some time. :)
You can download the swc here
Do feel free to add comments, reviews or any changes that you may require.


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