Saturday, September 17, 2011

Multi Data Converter

Multi Data Converter

Version 1.0


Multi Data Conveter is a data conversion utility designed to allow users to convert between various units of data. The application currently supports data conversion for units of "Distance", "Currency", "Weight" and "Temperature".

  • Free to download, install and distribute
  • Single click usage
  • Currency Converter tries to get the latest conversion rates
  • Get all conversions right on your desktop.

  • Download the zip file by clicking on the download link
  • Extract the zip
  • Run the installer in the zip file
  • Select the default settings while installing
  • Run "Multi Data Converter" using one of the shortcuts on desktop or in the startup menu.
  • Select the converter that is to be used.
  • Enter the value to be converted
  • Select the units from and to which the value is to be converted .
  • Click on Go.



Multi Data Converter is designed with the intention to help users to convert data right from the desktop.

The utility is free for use by any individual or organization without restrictions. However the author, and are not responsible for any damage caused by the misuse of this tool.

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