Saturday, January 19, 2013

Wordpress - Creating a child theme

Been dabbling with wordpress these days. One of the interesting things that I came along is creating themes for wordpress. Although, I did not create a fully functional theme, I managed to create a child theme. Here's the basics of creating a child theme.
For simplicity's sake, I'll be using the TwentyTen theme that comes along with wordpress installations.

Steps to follow
  1. Create a new folder in ""wordpress/themes" directory
  2. Name it "twentytenchild". (or whatever you choose)
  3. Create a file "style.css" in that folder.
  4. Punch in the "Theme Name", "Description", "Author" and "Template" under block comments
  5. Import the twentyten stylesheet
And lo and behold. Your child theme is created.
To add custom functionality, you can start off with adding a "functions.php" in your "twentytenchild" folder. This file will extend the functions.php defined in the twentyten theme. This way you can put in your functionalities without them being erased by the updation of the original theme itself.

In the next post I'll be talking about the creation of templates in wordpress. See it here.

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